Did you know that Whitchurch workhouse had a cow that produced butter ?

This snippet appeared in the July 1813 edition of the Monthly Magazine & British Register

Monthly Magazine & British Register vol 35 - Copy

Presumably the cow produced milk first !

It takes around 22 pints of milk to make one pound of butter. So this particular cow would have produced around 33 gallons of milk per week. This must have been an unusually large amount 200 years ago (before the days of intense dairy farming) to warrant the article..

Did you know there were highwaymen on the roads near Whitchurch in 1698 ?

Celia Fiennes made several journeys around England between 1682 and 1712 and recorded her travels in diaries.

In 1698 she visited Whitchurch and her diary describes an encounter with highwaymen on the road from Beeston.

17th century highwayman

17th century highwayman

“There I think I may say was ye only time I had reason to suspect I was Engaged wth some highway men. 2 fellows all on a sudden from ye wood fell into ye Road, they Looked trussed up with great Coates and as it were bundles about them which I believe was pistols, but they dogged me one before ye other behind and would often Look back to Each other, and frequently jostled my horse out of ye way to get between one of my servants horses and mine, and when they first came up to us did disown their knowledge of ye way and would often stay a little behind and talk together, then come up again, but the providence of God so ordered it as there was men at work in ye fields haymaking, and it being market day at Whitchurch as I drew near to it in 3 or 4 miles was continually met with some of ye market people, so they at last called each other off and so left us and turned back; but as they rode with us 3 or 4 miles at last they described the places we should come by, and a high pillar finely painted in ye Road about 3 mile off of Whitchurch (which accordingly we saw as we passed on) which showed them no strangers to ye Road as they at first pretended.”



Did you know that a picture hanging in Whitchurch Heritage Centre is part of the BBC’s ‘Your Paintings’ project ?

‘The Recognition’  is the largest painting hanging in the Caldecott Gallery. It is an oil painting by Randolph Caldecott which was given to the old Whitchurch Museum by a local benefactor, Mr E.P. Thompson.

The Recognition

To view a larger image visit the BBC website