Did you know these Whitchurch saving clubs existed in the early 1800’s ?

Research at Lloyds Bank archives in London has revealed a list of Societies operating in Whitchurch between 1818 and 1838.

Organisations banking at the Whitchurch Savings Bank included

The Ladies Lying In Institution
The Tradesmans Society
The Penny Club at Whitchurch National School
The Work Fund,Girls School, Bargates
The Whitchurch Female Friendly Society
The Boys Clothing Club, Whitchurch
The Girls Clothing Club Whitchurch
Bickley School Children’s clothing club
Cholmondeley female clothing club
Whitchurch Friendly Society widows & orphans fund


Some of the clubs were self-help organisations run by the clergy, while others were Friendly Societies which provided insurance, benefits and pensions for its members.