Temporary Heritage Centre Closure


Apologies for any inconvenience caused
but due to internal building work
The Heritage Centre will be closed
from 4p.m. on Tuesday 5th January
until 11a.m. on Tuesday 2nd February
Volunteers can still be contacted by phone: 01948 664577
or by email: info@whitchurch-heritage.co.uk

Research work will continue upstairs

Silver Hooked Tags


Regionally important Anglo-Saxon silver hooks with entwined beasts are on display at Whitchurch Museum from Thursday 3rd December.

Whitchurch Museum has acquired a pair of silver engraved hooks dating from the late 9th or 10th century AD. This acquisition has been supported by the Art Fund and many local contributors. including Whitchurch Town Council, Prees Parish Council, Shropshire Archaeological Society, Whitchurch Historical and Archaeological Group. The hooks were discovered in the Prees area, North Shropshire, by two individual metal detectorists some two years apart. The two finds were reported to the Coroner as potential treasure under the 1996 Treasure Act.