Heritage Open Days 2015


The Ice House will be open – Friday: 1100-1600 & Saturday: 1100-1600 

A chance to go inside a mid-eighteenth century ice house which is situated within Sainsbury’s car park. Also on the site is a range of agricultural buildings, parts of which date from the late 17th century. Both structures were originally part of Whitchurch Old Rectory a grade II* listed building (not open to the public).An exhibition on the history and construction of ice houses will be held in the agricultural buildings.

WW2 ‘Y’ Station Re-enactment will take place – Friday: 1100-1300 & 1400-1600 Saturday: 1100-1300 & 1400-1600

Also within the agricultural building on Sainsbury’s car park a ‘Y’ station re-enactment will take place.This Audio and Visual experience captures the sounds and sights of a small Wireless intercept station in operation and includes encrypted (Enigma) Morse code, RAF RT chatter and air raid ambient sounds.One of the radios used in the re-enactment is from the adjacent Old Rectory which was commandeered as a ‘Y’ station during World War 2.

St Alkmund’s Church Tower will be open – Friday: 1000-1230 & Saturday: 1000-1630

Mount the many stone steps to the top of the church tower. The climb will take you past the ringing room and allow a view of the Joyce’s clock mechanism and the church bells before reaching the roof. The top of the tower, approximately 100ft high, affords a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. Those not making the climb will be able to consult parish registers, view exhibitions and take part in craft activities.

It is necessary to book for tower tours via the Heritage Centre. 

The Masonic Hall will be open – Friday: 1100-1600 & Saturday: 1100-1600

This former Primitive Methodist Chapel was purchased by the Masons in 1972. The building dates from 1866 and was built in the Gothic style. It still retains some original pews, balcony and a working organ. It will be possible to visit the ground floor and also to view the museum of the two Lodges based there. Two organ recitals will take place on Saturday between 1130-1200 & 1430-1500.

Whitchurch Railway Walk – Saturday 12th September: Tours at 1100 & 1430

For over 100 years Whitchurch was an important junction with branch lines to mid Wales and Chester. This guided walk traces some of the remains of a bygone era. Not suitable for children under the age of 5. Will take approx 90 minutes. Start at Heritage Centre.

It is necessary to book for the Railway Walks via the Heritage Centre. 

 The Heritage Centre will be open – Friday: 1100-1600 & Saturday: 1100-1600

 Whitchurch Heritage Centre contains a range of artefacts dating from the Roman occupation up until modern times.The Main Exhibition Hall heralds the work of Whitchurch firm J.B. Joyce who were established in 1790 and have only just stopped producing Tower Clocks in the town. There is also a section dedicated to Roman and Medieval history with a number of interesting finds and artefacts on display.The Caldecott Gallery houses a fine collection of artworks and memorabilia relating to Randolph Caldecott (who once worked in the town) and to the Whitchurch-born musician Edward German. Temporary exhibitions include Prees Heath Camp, Local convicts transported to Australia, and Whitchurch People 1700-1850.

To Book Tours

Call in at the Heritage Centre on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday 1100-1600               Tel: 01948 664577 or Email: info@whitchurch-heritage.co.uk 








Heritage Open Days – 2013

We will be taking part in this years Heritage Open Days on Friday 13th and Saturday the 14th September. The following venues will be open:

Reduced ChapelCongregational Chapel (United Reform Church)

United Reform Church, Dodington, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1EN

A chance to see inside a grade II listed building which has been closed for many years. A Congregational Chapel with attached vestry, hall and Sunday school, now United Reformed Church. Founded in 1789 and largely built in 1813 with additions and alterations of 1815, 1846, 1900 and 1915. A good example of a Nonconformist chapel with associated Sunday School. It has a good range of internal fittings of various dates and a complete range of box pews The building is associated with the dissenters, Philip and Matthew Henry and the composer Edward German.

Opening Times

Friday 13th September: 1100-1600
Saturday 14th September: 1100-1600


Reduced JoyceJoyce’s Clocks Building

J.B. Joyce & Co., Station Road, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1RD

An opportunity to look round the 1904 purpose-built premises and to see a display of photographs relating to Joyce’s clocks and examples of clock mechanisms.

Opening Times

Friday 13th September: 1100-1600
Saturday 14th September: 1100-1500


Reduced IceOld Rectory Ice House

Sainsbury’s carpark, London Road, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1LL

A chance to go inside a mid-eighteenth century ice house which is situated in a supermarket car park. Also on the site is a barn range, part of which is late-seventeenth century. Both buildings were originally part of Whitchurch Old Rectory a grade II* listed building (not open to the public).

Opening Times

Friday 13th September: 1100-1600
Saturday 14th September: 1100-1600

Reduced Alkmunds St Alkmund’s Church Tower (part of Tower Trail)

St Alkmund’s parish church, Church Street, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1LB

St Alkmund’s is the parish church of Whitchurch and is a Grade I listed building. This is an opportunity to mount the many steps to the top of the church tower. The climb will take you past the ringing room and allow a view of the Joyce’s clock mechanism and the church bells before reaching the roof. The top of the tower affords a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. There will be a chance to study some of the parish registers held by the church.

Opening Times

Friday 13th September: 1000-1300 & 1500-1600
Saturday 14th September: 1000-1600

Heritage Open Days – 2012


For the first time the town took part in National Heritage Open Days.

The three events were organised by Whitchurch Research, Archive & Cataloguing Team (WRACT).

Check out the slideshow at the bottom of the page


Whitchurch Heritage Centre is a listed building constructed for use as a chapel in 1806. By the 1880’s it was an auction room, later becoming the town post office. In 1998 the ground floor became the Heritage Centre while the upper floor was let to private tenants to fund the running of the Heritage Centre. From the first floor windows the roofscape of the town could be viewed.

The displays were:-

Cycling (North Shropshire Wheelers)

Trains (London & North Western Railway Society)

Canals (Whitchurch Waterways Trust)

Salopia Coaches

Denman’s Vans

A continuous slide show of old transport photographs from Whitchurch History & Archaeology Group (WHAG) collection was shown.


The climb took people past the ringing room and allowed a view of the Joyce’s clock mechanism and the church bells before reaching the roof. The top of the tower afforded a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside.

There was a display relating to Joyce’s clocks on the way up.


This event was an opportunity to join a guided tour to view the external parts of the workhouse still existing on the Whitchurch Community Hospital site. The House of Industry replaced an earlier property in Newtown which had been condemned by inspectors in 1791.

In addition there was a display of documents relating to the workhouse, which had been built in 1794.


Heritage Open Days

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