Did you know that The Beatles Played in Whitchurch 50 Years ago?

The Beetles







On the 19th January 1963 The Beatles played the Town Hall Ballroom in Whitchurch. This was the same day as their important appearance ITV’s ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars‘ they played just one song on the TV show this was ‘Please Please Me’.

Information from The Beatles Bible

This version of the song is from their first tour of America

Did you know Whitchurch had a race course in the 18th & 19th centuries

There are references to horse racing taking place in the Whitchurch area from the beginning of the eighteenth century until the middle of the nineteenth. Racing was originally on the flat and took place on Prees Heath, although there was not a designated race track. Generally the races were 2 or 3 day events, and depended upon local gentry to organise the event and fund the prizes. Find out more information here.