Whitchurch Heritage Centre has a large collection of archives and artefacts relating to the town and its hinterland. The artefacts are the 3D part of the collection and the archives are the historical paper records.

Examples of Artefacts

Seed sack Giant's shoe Commemorative china 

Examples of Archives

Election poster

The Whitchurch Collection consists of more than 2,000 items. Since 2008 a team of volunteers has been working behind the scenes cataloguing these artefacts and archives. The information has been entered into a database which can now be searched by the general public on this website.

Just key in a name, street, date, or event and watch the results arrive.


Search collection

Currently, if you wish to view a specific item from the Whitchurch Collection it is necessary to make an appointment with the curator, this can be done here.
Alternatively search the Discover Shropshire Website, select Whitchruch Heritage Centre as the partner.