Your Heritage Centre Needs You

Last year the volunteers at The Heritage Centre received an LJC grant to store and conserve the deteriorating volumes of the Whitchurch Herald newspapers dating from 1869 to 1949.

The first phase of the project has now been completed. A room has been prepared at The Heritage Centre and the correct sized shelving erected.



Are you free for a couple of hours on a Tuesday or a Thursday?

Dedicated sessions for conservation of the Whitchurch Herald will take place upstairs at The Heritage Centre during April between 18.30 & 20.30 on Tuesdays and 13.30 & 15.30 on Thursdays

Training will be given – so no experience necessary

If you would like to be involved please contact The Heritage Centre


2 thoughts on “Your Heritage Centre Needs You

  1. Hello. My name is Mae Stone Hotchkiss Johnson, and my ancestors include Samuel Hotchkiss and John Hotchkiss of Doddington, circa 1585 and since. I am visiting Whitchurch 6-7 July and I hope to find the gravesite of either John Hotchkiss and Samuel Hotchkiss. I would also like to make contact with any Hotchkiss family members who live in the area. I am a member of the Hotchkiss Family Association and plan to bring my book with me, however, I have very little information from when the family lived in Doddington. Any information you can provide would be most appreciated. I am travelling by car so I have some flexibility. Thank you in advance if you are able to provide me any direction.
    Best Regards,
    Mae Stone Hotchkiss Johnson

    • Hi Mae,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I’ve had a quick look on our All Our Stories site, this lists approx 15000 records relating to Whitchurch from 1700 – 1850 (later than you’re looking for), there are several entries for Hotchkiss – not sure if we would have any further information but will make some enquirers.



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