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Whitchurch and its hinterland, that is the area within a 10 mile radius that would have used the town as its market, has approximately 200 listed buildings. These include churches, chapels, industrial premises, farmsteads, shops and homes.
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The land surrounding Whitchurch is fertile and agriculture has always been a major feature of the local landscape. The production of milk is the predominant type of farming and Cheshire cheese its most important product.
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The town has always been the trade centre for the surrounding area. Industries developed to supply the farming community and most of the domestic needs of the town were catered for by local craftsmen. Anything else could easily be transported in.
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Whitchurch boasts a number of famous people who lived or worked locally. There have also been a number of interesting but less famous individuals with connections to the town who contributed much to the heritage of the local area.
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Over the centuries the people of Whitchurch have spent their leisure time in many different ways. In the 18th century it is known that horse racing and cock fighting took place in and around the town.
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The town has been a focal point for many forms of transport. Railways and Canals have been planned and some of them were built. In the 18th and 19th century stagecoaches were a regular sight in the town just as Salopia coaches were in the 20th century.