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Organised football clubs were extremely popular in Whitchurch during the second half of the 19th century. These teams were started to give young men a way to spend their leisure in a healthy and sociable way. Research has currently identified eight different teams that competed between 1868 and the present day. Local businesses, pubs, clubs, and groups of friends in the town formed teams which included:

  • Whitchurch Football Club 1868-1985
  • Whitchurch Alexandra 1881-1901
  • Whitchurch Rovers 1883-1910
  • Whitchurch Wednesday 1894-1926
  • Whitchurch Working Men’s Football Club 1905
  • Whitchurch Athletic 1910-1925
  • Whitchurch Brotherhood 1910
  • Whitchurch Alport 1946 – present

The Whitchurch teams played in many different leagues with varying success. The images above record when Whitchurch Football Club won the Combination League Championship at the end of the 1910-11 season.