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Clock making

Joyce’s Clocks

Joyce’s Station Road Factory building

The Main Exhibition Hall in the Whitchurch Heritage Centre heralds the work of Joyce’s Clock-making firm in Whitchurch. William Joyce began making long case clocks in the North Shropshire village of Cockshutt. The family business started in 1690s and was handed down from father to son. In the 1780s they moved to premises on Whitchurch High Street and started making turret clocks in the 1830s.

In 1834 Thomas Joyce embarked on making large clocks for local churches and public buildings. Joyce clocks can be found at Bronington, Hanmer, Marchwiel, Overton, Worthenbury, Tallarn Green and Ruabon Churches.

In 1849 the company copied the Big Ben escapement designed by Lord Grimthorpe. The firm made large clocks for many public buildings, both at home and overseas. Joyce clocks can still be seen at many railway stations.

The following YouTube video describes the Joyce clock factory